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-What is the level of experience you expect from participants? Classes are useful for both amateurs \ beginners and professional photographers.

-What is the maximum number of participants per workshop? It depends on the event. 15 people max for budget classes. Exclusive classes up to 5 people. Phototours – 3-10 participants depending on the theme of the event.

-Number of models? 1 (2 if the budget allows) model for classes up to 15 people. 2 (3) models take part in tours.

-What about shooting sessions? Shooting: 3-4 hours a day. Due to time limits participants shoot together. One-to-one sessions are planned during photo tours.

-What is the right for the photos taken in the workshop? Pictures taken during the workshops are yours and may be used for your portfolio and other commercial projects.

-How do I get details on the class? All the information on location, models, timing, payment etc. you get via email. Urgent news are sent via WhatsApp.

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