Art-Nude Workshop in Israel

16-17 December, 2016

Art-Nude Workshop in Israel 

“ Woman as a Source of Inspiration and Sensuality”

How we spent the time and what shots we did 😉



The workshop is aimed at beginners as well as professionals.
During the class You will be able to take part in the art process and masterpiece creation.
In the course of the master class we are going to focus on the following:
– where to find inspiration
– how to maintain contact with a model in an easy way
– how to see and express volume in photography
– how to process photos in a fast and beautiful way
– how to find models for nude photo shoot
Day 1 (7-8 hours)
– Sources of inspiration
– History of nude images in painting
– Photography perception (light, geometry), composition
– Perspective and volume in photography and transposing them into a 2D image
Photo shoot in nature (plain-air)
(aimed to make a portfolio by Master Class participants)
– Esthetics of movement and poses in correlation with a model’s internality and light
– Work with arms – the basis of naturalness
– Use of artificial and natural reflecting screens. When and why it is needed.
– – how to get in touch with the model and get the required state and feeling
– Work with shape, geometry and light
Day 2 (7-8 hours)
Shooting-workshop in indoor scenes (3 hours)
Right and various use of confined space
– Work with natural light in confined space
– Work with a model’s internality
– Face-to-face work with a model in indoor scenes
– Work with groups of models
– Principles of “signature” color correction in Adobe Lightroom (editing 1-2 images from shooting)
– Nuances of export
– Basics of magazine retouching (ways of working with skin)

Cost of participation:
• The one-day workshop: $ 50 (You can choose any day of the workshop)
• The full two-day workshop: 250 $

No refund of deposit in case of cancellation.

* Workshop sponsored by Stodiolnd, Ramat Hasharon, the authorized distributor of photographic equipment and studio.
5% discount on all store equipment GODOX workshop participants


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