007_009_046         Dear all! Thank you for your feedback and nice words! Those are only a few comments I get from you, and I appreciate them very much! Please, email your thoughts via

Together stronger 😉

Vasilache Christina, Kishinev
Good day, Dan! I want to thank you again for the master class that you cinducted 2 years ago in Kishinev! You have made a great contribution and helped me as a beginner photographer to understand photography better. I feel more confident, began to think freely and enjoy helping other photographers. In general, the workshop was highly positive and informative. I wish you all the best and big success in future!

Dmitry Spektrov , Kazan
Dear dan! I learnt a great deal from you, in particular, processing and being a photographer in general. I have written out all of your advice (2 pages A4)))) I like the way you express your thoughts, give helpful tips.
it was not a bake class on processing, thanks for talking about the roots of photography, its history! I am glad to learn from your experience. Thanks again!

Anna Spiridonova , Moscow
Dan, good evening! Thank you very much for the master class in Moscow! I write of course too late, only now realized just how much you have given to me. I used to shoot in a small room, and now I see the huge world around.
Thanks again.

Rasil Fazylov , Ufa
Hi Dan. It is Rasil from Ufa. Very grateful for the master class. Having visited it I got obsessed with photography)))). I turned all the thoughts in my head. It was the first master class in my life? And you showed me the road to follow ))) I loved your “Strength is in detail”. It’s like a quotation from Bible))). Now i can do something really great, so my clients do not mind my having raised the prices! Thanks a lot!!!


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