2-day Boudoir and Street Fashion workshop in Vienna

7-8 October, 2017

2-day workshop “Not stealing beauty”!

(includes THREE shooting sessions: inside shooting with natural light, night shooting in the streets of the city with additional light, day shooting in the streets of the city, and postrocessing time!)

With gorgeous model Daria Filatova!


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Our must-do:
-to shoot beautiful women in a variety of lighting conditions, both in natural and artificial light;
-to distinguish personal style in the world of profi!
Find yourself and become successful!

Goals of the workshop:
1. Learn to see the beauty of women and the surrounding beauty through the prism of your own inner world and aesthetic perception
2. See the aesthetics of form and content in harmony, be able to transmit it with the help of light and color
3. Learn alternative methods of photography, be able to break common methods and techniques and create your own ones.
4. Find your own style and become different from others
5. Get beautiful and unique images for your portfolio as a photographer
6. Learn to process photos quickly, beautifully and non-standardly
7. Get a lot of positive emotions while communicating with other photographers, enjoy the beauty of models.

Timing&Programme of the 2-day class
1st day 15:00
– sources of inspiration, the history of nudity in the visual arts, the principle of “Double contrast”
– three principal parts of the image, three schemes of light from one source
– concept of shooting
– internet promotion
– commerce
– shooting “boudoir” (nude or wearing underwear) with natural light in the interior
– ways to make ordinary interior interesting, using of fabrics to create volume and dynamics
– nuances of the female image (minimum costs – maximum effect)
– work with one model (psychology, communication with the model, aesthetics of movements, poses in conjunction with the internal state of the model and light)
– poses, different levels of work with hands, basic methods of aesthetic display of the figure’s graphic, work with shoulders and feet
– transmission of sensuality, as the basic mood of works
– lunch
– shooting a model in the streets of the city in the light of a sunset and in the dark with additional light

2nd day
13: 00-15: 00
– shooting a model in the sunlight streets of the city
16: 00-19: 00
– the principles of “your brand” color correction in Adobe Lightroom (your peculiar color style)
– fast retouch in Photoshop (we will take a few photos from the shootings)

Workshop Cost (paypal\cash):
2 days – 249 € (early bird 199 € deadline 1 August)
1 day – 179 € (early bird 129 € deadline 1 August)

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