Art Nude photography tour in Cyprus with 4 models

20-25 April, 2019

“Five days on an island with four gorgeous models!”

Open air shootings, Pictures for your portfolio, Vacation 😉

Eight photographers only!!! 

Individual and group schootings.

Registration and payment ONLY via


Day 1 (7-8 hours)

-Sources of inspiration
-History of nude images in painting
-Photography perception (light, geometry), composition
-Perspective and volume in photography and transposing them into a 2D image
-Photo shoot in nature (plain-air) scenes.
(aimed to make a portfolio by Master Class participants)
-Esthetics of movement and poses in correlation with a model’s internality and light
-Work with arms – the basis of naturalness
-Use of artificial and natural reflecting screens. When and why it is needed.
-how to get in touch with the model and get the required state and feeling
-Work with shape, geometry and light
in confined space
-Work with a model’s internality
-Face-to-face work with a model
-Work with groups of models

Day 2-4 (7-hours)
– Face-to-face work with a model in outdoor scenes for every photographer, Dan will assist each of the participants personally in the process of shooting and make recommendations (One model for two photographers, changing models in every 50 minutes) included break for lunch
– Work with groups of models together 40-50 minutes

Day 5
Practice (4-5 hours):
-Photo shoot indoor Face-to-face work with a model in indoor and outdoor scenes for every photographer
Processing (3 hours):
-Principles of “signature” color correction in Adobe Lightroom (editing 1-2 images from shooting)
-Nuances of export
-Basics of magazine retouching (ways of working with skin)

The price: 1200 euros for 5 days (theory+practice, more than 5 hours of shooting every day, face to face with four models, post processing of pictures for your portfolio)

The price includes:
-Transfers to locations
-Snacks, drinks and wine during the shooting

Special offer for Cyprus with 4 models!

Participate in the 5 days class for 950 euro only! Deadline: March 20, 2019

Flight, accommodation, food and transfers from and to the airport are excluded.


Alina  @emily_poker
Yasya @yasya.__


Event place:

Registration and payment ONLY via


language of instruction – English
languages of conversation – English, Russian

Last year’s class 😉